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Choosing a credible English center

Learning from her friends’ past experiences, when Nhi aimed to take IELTS courses she only targeted credible centers. She chose ILA because when looking at the learning methods there, she felt they were diverse, practical and suitable for anyone preparing to take the IELTS test. They methods were not just textbook theories.


Having foreign teachers

Nhi explains, “Because we are studying English and trying our best to get high scores in the IELTS, we cannot study with native English teachers half of the time and Vietnamese teachers the other half. Only when all four Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing skills are taught and practiced in English, the learner can quickly improve and fix their weaknesses.


To prove this, Nhi talks about her IELTS class at ILA. The teachers are all foreigners and all of the discussions are in English. Specifically, when teachers are giving their lectures and explaining their lessons in English, learners can raise their questions or discuss with their friends but they have to talk using English. It sounds like a bit of pressure for the learners, but requiring them to use English as the primary language during a two-hour class helps to quickly improve their listening and speaking skills. Therefore, after one month of studying the IELTS course at ILA, Nhi realized that her English had improved significantly. Nhi confidently took the IELTS and easily achieved a 7.0 score.


Leaners have to be tested frequently

Nhi says that one important factor that makes someone successful on the IELTS exam is revising and testing frequently with both old and new lessons from teachers. This method is good to train important skills.


Dedicated teachers

Nhi usually has problem with pronunciation (especially with the ‘s’ at the end of words and letters), so at the beginning she worried a lot about the teachers’ attitude because these mistakes are quite hard to fix without the teacher’s dedication. “Everything was contrast to my worries. The teachers at ILA are all dedicated, and they follow each of the students and not just the general class. During class time, if there are any questions, students can directly ask, email or call the teachers and receive a quick response. The teachers are quite understandable. They not only give in-class lectures but also lessons outside of the classroom at coffee shops so everyone can talk and discuss freely about the lessons. If there are any difficult tasks or pronunciations, the teachers guide students to the answer. Thanks to this comfortable environment, Nhi asked her teacher to help her with the final ‘s’ sound and other English words. Nhi talks emotionally about her teachers who helped her get a high result for the test.


Studying in groups

Studying in groups, giving presentations, doing group exercises or marking each other’s work in the class not only increased Nhi’s exam practice time, but it also helped to learn things from her friends which is very helpful when it comes to studying a foreign language. Besides studying with friends, the library is Nhi’s favourite place. After class, she usually went there to relax and learn additional things utilizing the new and modern resources, as well as the many English newspapers, textbooks, novels, and comics for students to read and expand their knowledge and improve their English skills.


Thanks to the practical and effective teaching method, Nhi kept her passion for English. After only three courses at ILA, she confidently took the IELTS and easily achieved the remarkable score of 7.0. And you… do you want to give it a try?