Teaching quality

Our teachers adopt a communicative approach in their teaching. This means that classes are interactive and students are encouraged to express themselves with confidence and develop their listening, speaking and pronunciation skills.

Professional, Certified Teachers

ILA teachers are fully certified and experienced native English-speaking teaching professionals. Teachers are aware of the needs of their students and are dedicated to helping each one achieve his/her learning goals.

Teaching methodology

We prepare students to be global citizens, concerned about global issues and able to interact effectively with cultures and communities around the world. Our students become confident, adaptable and ready to face future challenges and changes in the world with a positive and open-minded attitude.

At ILA, “21st Century Learning” means that we are no longer just teaching English, we go BEYOND ENGLISH by including skills such as:


  • Creativity
  • Critical thinking
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Self-development
  • Digital literacy

ILA's Teacher Training Department

ILA is one of the world’s leading teacher training centres for University of Cambridge English language teaching awards. Each year, hundreds of people travel from around the world to train as English teachers at ILA. The unparalleled level of expertise that ILA has in this area ensures that our students always benefit from the very latest developments and advances in teaching methodologies, materials and equipment.

ILA Learning And Teaching Materials

Students study with a complete set of the most appropriate and up-to-date learning materials. In addition, teachers incorporate a wide range of learning technologies and supplementary materials into each course to provide students with extra practice in areas of need and to ensure lessons are engaging, effective and enjoyable! All ILA centres have Teaching Support Centres - dedicated facilities for teachers, with extensive ranges of learning and teaching technology, equipment and resources.