All ILA centres follow the same structured curriculum, appropriate to students’ ages and English abilities

The ILA Enrichment Project

For relevant courses, in addition to the time spent in the classroom, ILA organizes an exciting enrichment programme which includes: domestic and overseas trips, a wide range of cultural activities, competitions, etc. The ILA Enrichment Programme provides students with practical and fun opportunities to use English outside of the classroom, helping them develop life skills and make new friends.


Each student undergoes placement testing prior to course commencement and is placed in an appropriate course for his/her age and English ability. Regular assessment takes place throughout all courses and students receive feedback on their progress throughout and upon completion of courses.

Monitoring progress and providing feedback

Attendance, homework results and all assessment results are recorded and are accessible to parents and students at any time through the ILA On-line Reporting System.
Parents of students in ILA Jumpstart, ILA Super Juniors and ILA Smart Teens programmes also receive progress reports, via telephone, each month from the Teaching Assistants.

Course Certification

A Certificate of Achievement is issued to each student who successfully completes a course. Success criteria are specific to each age group and each programme, but in general depend on students’ attendance, efforts and motivation in class, and their achievements in the assessments.
ILA uses a leveling system, which allows students to evaluate their progress and assess their suitability for sitting international examinations such as TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC or Cambridge ESOL examinations.