ILA Cộng Đồng

1. ILACN Mission

To educate disadvantaged children in and around the communities in which ILA operates.

2. What we do

We direct our efforts towards projects:

3. How we do

We work closely to each non-profit organization TO:

4. Our projects



84 Children received School Sponsorships from ILACN for Spring 2016 Term

Each year, ILACN School Sponsorship Program sponsors the school fees for over 80 disadvantaged children from Elementary School to University, at our non-profit partners and in the community.

It is our most important program, which requires high commitment for the full year school fee to assure that our children can continue to complete their studying.

Let’s give us a hand by contacting Ms Betsye – ILACN at:


ILACN Scholarship Program provides 100% scholarships to underprivileged children with good school results yearly and in the summer. So that, they have chances to access to the high-quality learning environment at ILA centers.

We will grow the Scholarship Program in the next years, to reach as many disadvantaged children as possible – who can have the opportunity to learn English at our centers.


In HCM City

Little Rose Warm Shelter

Green Bamboo Warm Shelter

Bung Sang Blind Shelter

Ung Buou Hospital’s Children’s Cancer Ward

Go Vap Orphanage

In Ha Noi Capital

Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation

In Da Nang

Family No. 4

In Vung Tau (New ILACN Partner)

Center for Social Protection of Vung Tau Children

5. Where our funds come from




6. What people think about ILACN


Current Sponsored Student 2015

Current 10th Grade Girl in Little Rose Warm Shelter

“When I came back to the shelter after studying hours at the school, the Director there announced that I was one of lucky children who would receive a sponsorship of ILA, it was wonderful news for us. And you know what? At that time, I felt like my dreams and my future were really near to me. Since I was young, I have been wishing that I could become an interpreter. I promise that I will try to study well in order to achieve my dream and to express my sincere thanks to donors as well as my caregivers in the shelter.”


Former Sponsored Student 2010 - 2015

Now Work as Editor for TV Scripts at Today TV.

“Thanks to the sponsorship of ILA, I was able to pay my school fees and pursue my dream. I hope that other sponsored students can also achieve their life’s goals and give a hand to their surrounding people…

… I would like to send my sincere thanks to people who have believed and contributed to the Sponsorship Program. Each year, there are many children with difficult circumstances, besides my younger sister and me, who really need and appreciate the help of ILA. When joining the Sponsorship Party and seeing people there, I know that all of you have put in a lot of effort, and enthusiasm to bring about the joyfulness and happiness to us. I would like to say thanks again to all who used to support and have been supporting ILACN to help not only me but also other children overcome difficulties in life, and wish them the health and the peace in their soul.”


Director of Green Bamboo Warm Shelter

“ILA has supported many disadvantaged children in their studying through the sponsorship program. For more than 10 years, there are 8 students enrolled in vocational colleges and universities. One outstanding case is Le Thi Kim Xuan, whose parents passed away due to AIDS. She had to work as a housekeeper for her neighbor to earn money for her school fees when she was still young. She has received the support from ILA since she was in 8th grade, and now she is already a 2nd year student in a university with the major in Accounting. Thanks to ILA, many children are able to pursue their dreams, stand up against poverty and enroll in university.”